The last boxes of 2020! I just finished this trio of treasure boxes.

The centre attraction of the boxes are of course the lids. Made from salvaged Makha (Afzelia) burl wood which was partially buried underground.

The lack of oxygen and light combined with the minerals in the soil give the wood its incredible colour gradients!

From molten lava, deep grey ash to olive greens. Two of the box lids are inlaid with delicate touches of turquoise stone by Elodie.

The sides of the box are made from reclaimed Thai teak. Originally part of an old traditional Thai Lana house. The grain patterns wrap all the way around.

In each corner, I’ve added two splines in a dark chocolate colored wood called ‘Makha Tae’ which adds strength to the frame.

The inside of each box is lined in golden colored Jim Thompson silk. When you slide the lid open I like how it lightens up the interior and gives a subtle contrast to the box frame.

Finished silk smooth with several coats of an oil + wax mix.