I design by observing nature’s simplicity and practicality, avoiding passing trends and marketing gimmicks. 

My creations focus on endurance and utility. Using high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship, I craft objects with deep meaning and purpose. Each piece of wood I work with has a unique beauty and purpose.

I find fulfillment in the act of creation itself, and appreciate the artistry in producing high-quality products. My satisfaction comes from achieving excellence and shaping beauty from the finest materials I hand pick.

Faisal Malik Design - Bespoke


I emphasize simplicity and practicality, highlighting the natural beauty of wood and leveraging its core specificities. While I aim for aesthetically pleasing repairs, I avoid unnecessary embellishments. The inherent beauty of the wood suffices. Everything I create serves a purpose and is designed to be useful, resulting in straightforward and elegant designs.



I firmly believe that genuine craftsmanship lasts forever. My goal is to challenge the influence of modern design, mass production, and deceptive marketing that often falls short of its promises.

In my creations, I emphasize honest, expert craftsmanship, and the personal touch of human hands. I combine age-old handmade methods with modern machinery when required. Every item I produce possesses a unique quality—stemming not just from the wood choice or design, but also from the artisan’s personal touch. I craft with both hands and heart, ensuring each piece is truly original and heartfelt.

Equatorial Star Constellation Dining Table


I exclusively work with exceptional old Thai-origin woods known for their unique qualities and intrinsic beauty. These woods, sourced from reclaimed or salvaged materials, carry a rich history. Whether it’s the frame of a dismantled school, planks from a traditional Lhanna house, or vintage furniture in need of restoration, I meticulously inspect and familiarize myself with each piece. By carefully selecting and remembering every detail, I am able to offer my clients perfectly tailored wood pieces for their specific projects.

Equatorial Star Constellation Dining Table


I use butterfly keys and intricate patch inlays to stabilize cracks and fill large voids. While they add a decorative touch, I incorporate them only when it’s essential for the structure, never just for ornamentation.



Over the years, I have honed and perfected my own technique, ensuring impeccable sanding and achieving enduring finishes.

I exclusively use imported hardwax oil, which deeply penetrates the wood, enhancing its beauty while fortifying its structure. This treatment not only enhances scratch resistance and water repellency, but also facilitates easier long-term resurfacing, if required.

Faisal Malik Design, Furniture Maker - Finish


I think furniture and items are meant to be used and not kept too pristine nor treated as something overly precious. A bit of scratching, denting, or water marks can make a piece more unique, reminding us of its usefulness and the memories attached to it.

For my dining tables and working tables, I provide a high quality, biodegradable, pH neutral soap that can be used daily, or as frequently as required.

Faisal Malik Design, Furniture Maker - Finish



In crafting a proposal, I’ll take great care to understand your needs. My process will consider where you plan to place the item, your preferences for size and materials, and your comfortable budget.

Through our discussions, I’ll develop a concept that’s tailored specifically to the task and space.



After drafting the initial idea, I will choose a few options from my inventory, for us to evaluate together.

This step takes some time and careful consideration, as I make sure the client can really get a feel for the different types of wood that would become the finished piece.



Once we agree on the price and timeframe, a deposit is needed to reserve your spot in the production queue.



If you’re interested, I’ll keep you updated with photos and videos throughout the process.



Once your piece is ready, I’d love for you to come see it in person.



After that, we can settle the remaining balance and arrange for packing and delivery.



For large pieces, I handle the delivery and assembly personally, both within Thailand, and occasionally overseas.