Custom Furniture & Functional Art

“Creating functional works of art that harmoniously unites wood’s innate beauty and history with modern elements.”


Faisal Malik is a Canadian-born artist and designer currently based in Bangkok, Thailand. Faisal could see that Thai history and architecture was being lost, in order to make way for modern developments. Old Thai homes, temples and bridges are being destroyed or dismantled to build European influenced residences or hotels. His work is to use these old Thai pieces of wood, which carry history and energy, and reincarnate them so they may continue to live.

” Foremost is to preserve the spirit found within the tree and the history of the original source. The wood in its natural found state inspires and guides me in my creations.”

These found objects are given new life in designs, with exclusive characteristics, techniques, and pure clean forms. Materials meld harmoniously fused as one in Functional Art: wood, brass, stainless steel, glass and acrylic.