Custom Wood Furniture 

Fine Furniture Maker from Canada creating bespoke dining tables, coffee tables, cabinets, benches, servingware and accessories in the most beautiful reclaimed woods.

Studio /Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand.

“Creating functional works of art that harmoniously unite the wood’s innate beauty and history.”


I am an artist and furniture maker living in Bangkok, Thailand. I share my studio with another talented artist from France, a beautiful woman who is also my wife. We both feel privileged to live in Southeast Asia with its rich, inspiring artistic heritage.

My art is intertwined seamlessly with my life. I often travel to remote parts of Thailand seeking the raw material with which we work. I use rare reclaimed wood that is often 200 to 300 years old. These ancient timbers are reclaimed from Thai homes, temples, bridges, and boats. Many of the rare slabs I use have been passed down through generations of a family; from grandfather to father, from father to daughter. A tree falls in a storm, the family mourns the tree they’ve known for so long and then harvests the timber. The raw slabs sit below the family home until there is a need. The history of each slab is respected and acknowledged in every piece of furniture I make.

I work exclusively with rare and ancient Thai timber. I often use other disciplines in my work and use cutting-edge technology with a variety of materials. With passion and the utmost care, while honoring the history of the source, I reimagine planks and beams into functional art that can enrich your life.

The vast majority of my work focuses on large scale pieces such as dining tables, but I also create smaller objects such as boxes and vases. Nothing brings me more pleasure than sharing my art with others. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or like to arrange a visit to my studio.