Polishing in the first coat of a hand-rubbed low VOC oil and wax finish to a round dining table in reclaimed Makha Tae wood. This process will be repeated several times over the next weeks to build up the natural deep golden brown lustre contained within this gorgeous wood. Whilst giving a beautifully soft tactile surface to run your hands over.

The oils I use are modified. I adjust the viscosity and percentage of the hard-wax solids depending on the density, natural tannins and oils contained within the timber. Especially necessary when working with exotic hardwoods.

The wood used in this table was originally a 6 meter tall square structural column from an old traditional Thai house. Massive old pillars weighing 150 kilograms each. Three years ago I purchased a large inventory of these columns and sliced them into thick planks to be used for furniture. Makha Tae is notoriously hard as nails, easily dulling tools. And as it’s reclaimed, it’s literally also full of old nails that have to be pulled out before anything can be done. A metal detector helps the process. It’s a horrible job. Just when you think think you’ve found all the nails and are done…. You find 20 more hiding just beneath the surface…There is no beauty without pain.