During his frequent trips to Khao Yai National Park, Thailand, Faisal became enamored with the seemingly countless butterfly species – their erratic flight patterns among the majestic trees, along with the story of their metamorphosis that echoes the ethos of his work.

Similar in nature to the transformation process of a caterpillar to cocoon and finally to butterfly, Faisal shifts the salvaged and reclaimed timber he works with, from its earth origins into suspended space. Though the tree no longer stands, the energy and past history of the timber is literally contained within its fibers. The unity of butterflies and wood form a symbiosis and signify life. The caterpillar nourishes itself on the leaves of the tree, before suspending itself in a chrysalis from its branches. Metamorphosis complete, a butterfly emerges and takes flight, living its life amongst the trees.

Elymnias Patna, a species native to Thailand, became his distinct, signature element. A full line of Faisal Malik Design creations pays tribute to the aerial species, embedded with metal and gemstone butterflies.

 Past commissions – various wood species and inlays materials.

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