Reversible Spalted Black & Beige Burl Side Table with Sold Brass Base

THB 42,000 – Sold Out


The last table to leave the studio in 2020 is a special one, which was commissioned by a returning client (who has become a delightful friend) for his Bangkok residence. The top was curated from the north of Thailand and brought back the original beauty of the salvaged wood. This eclectic art collector commissioned her earlier a platter with inlay in rare spalted black and beige burl a few months ago. When I also gave the option to mount the plate on a brass base so it can become a table, he challenged her to find another larger burl to set as a side table. Black and beige burls are a fairly rare occurence, so to find a matching piece was quite a challenge. Inlaid hints of turquoise stones in the natural voids on the one side for a striking contrast, and the other side with black mother of pearl and abalone shell for a discreetly chic effect.

As for the base, I conceived a three prong structure in solid brass to gently cradle the wood top, inspired by the setting on diamond rings. Each prong is independently adjustable in length and angle, to ensure a perfect fit. The tips or “claws” are carved in reclaimed wood which is naturally very dark brown, and lined in leather to protect the wood from getting scratched. The foot of the base is a solid 8 kg disc, which works as the foundation to the structure. All the components were polished and waxed using an aeronautical wax compound.



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