Low table in rare Antique Golden Teak slab with live edge


THB 120,000 


Sculptural low table made from an extraordinary live edge teak slab. The entire table base is also made from a single teak slab. This was done for grain pattern and colour consistency, to evoke a feeling of a solid carved object. 

Inlays and butterfly keys are also all in teak wood and all functional to repair and strengthen areas of the slab. The grain patterns and colour are selected to interplay with the existing piece.

Lives edges are charred with fire to preserve the natural texture and form. Lightly brushed to remove the soft ash before being sealed, they provide an elegant vignette effect against the naturally golden teak.

Meticulous craftsmanship is applied everywhere. Even the underneath of a table which no one will ever see. Bespoke solid brass and stainless mounting brackets attached the table base to the table top. These allow for easy disassembly for when in a hundred years the table may require renovation. 

It might seem like over engineering but it’s these details and thoughts that quantify a true heirloom piece of furniture and turn it into art.

  • Rare antique Golden Teak with live edge
  • Diameter 99 cm x Height 30 cm
  • Hand rubbed oil + wax

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