Live Edge Treasure Box 8

THB 10,500 – SOLD OUT

One of three treasure boxes I made from an incredible rare piece of Makha burl wood. The colours and transition from gold to black have not been enhanced artificially through chemicals or stains. Makha tree burls, when they start reaching a certain age, about 150 years plus naturally oxidizes towards the outer layers. The box sides are in reclaimed teak and grain matched for an uninterrupted flow. Each corner reinforced with two brass splines. Every edge and corner a perfect flat 90 degrees. The interior bottom is fitted with a oiled and waxed leather liner. The interior box sides are as beautifully finished as the outside with 4 coats of a silky smooth hand rubbed oil. The lid itself has been hand lapped on a ceramic plate; meaning it’s been sanded flat and as smooth as a sheet of glass. The material becomes something else. A hybrid. Holding it in your hand it feels deceptively like a piece of marble stone. Organic beauty in harmony with a precision surface. 

  • Makha burl wood, Teak wood,  Brass, Leather
  • Length 24.5 cm x Width 11.5 cm x Height 7 cm
  • Hand rubbed oil + wax finish

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