Custom Dining Table ‘Heritage No.7″​ in reclaimed Redwood

THB 320,000 – SOLD OUT

Incredible colours and grain patterns in my latest dining table. I made the table top from a rare bookmatched set of reclaimed pyinkado redwood. Areas which were deteriorated are expertly repaired with a mosaic of burl wood inlays and contrasting wood butterfly keys. Every inlay is carefully considered and composed in harmony with the table top.  The inlays are methodically build up in layers over several days or even weeks. (All by hand)This provides strength and structure to where the wood deteriorated from old age. I use rare and/or ancient timbers that comprise of burls and even wood that was submerged under the earth or in lakes. The different densities of the woods and the grain angles they are cut, give each its own subtle way of refracting light, providing a hologram effect from certain angles.

The base is a sculpture on its own; precisely made in Thai golden teak wood and brass. Every component of the base is made from a single block of wood. Giving it a continuous form to compliment the table top.


  • Reclaimed Thai Redwood
  • Teak wood trestle legs with brass details
  • Length 250 cm x Width 102 cm x Height 73 cm
  • Hand rubbed oil + wax

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