Custom Dining Table handcrafted in an exceptional slab of reclaimed Afzelia wood


THB 420,000 – SOLD OUT

Earlier this year, a couple with two children who recently relocated to Bangkok commissioned me to make their family dining table. 

They approached me as they appreciate my work with wood featuring wild grain patterns in vivid hues, and wanted their table to have natural edges on the lengths. 

We reviewed together some of my single slabs inventory, and their heart went to a one-of-a-kind piece with dramatic patterns, contrasting deep hues and naturally textured live edge.

Over the following months, I worked on carefully refining the natural edges, inlaying intricate patchworks and structural butterfly keys, sanding to silk smoothness, oil glazing, and export polishing. 

I created the base from a feathered crotch single plank in the same wood species. Both legs are made from the single slab, so there is a fluid continuity of patterns and color. The design and engineering of the base not only showcase the beauty of the wood, but also allow for greater strength and stability, and seating versatility : chairs can be placed anywhere along the table. 

The family was so delighted with the table that they commissioned an additional custom coffee table and a bench matching to their table.

  • Afzelia wood, brass
  • Length 200 cm x Width 102 cm x Height 73.5 cm
  • Hand rubbed oil and wax


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