Butterfly Side Table


Butterfly Series’ – Functional Art in Reclaimed Wood


$2,100 USD – SOLD OUT

One-of-a-kind side table created from reclaimed Padauk. Acrylic base provides levitation to the top and freedom of flight for the butterflies. The brass butterflies are inlaid flush into the wood and patterned after Elymnias Patna, a species native to Thailand which the artist came across whilst exploring the hills of Khao Yai Province. Similar in nature to the transformation process of a caterpillar to cocoon and finally to butterfly, this slab was shifted from its earth origins into suspended space.

  • Reclaimed Padauk wood
  • Length 58.5 cm x Width 41.5 cm x Height 47 cm
  • Base 25 mm acrylic
  • Plant based natural oil finish

*Images by: Willem Deenik

Reclaimed Wood Butterfly Series @Faisal Malik Design – Functional Art

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